Glare portrays fashion and luxury in ever pioneering ways. Intelligent and slick, it addresses the sophisticated international frontrunners of our time. The unique signature of Glare continues to remain both original and inventive on the global market. Glare features the best of what fashion has to offer – be it the world’s leading models, photographers and stylists, or the most desirable topics and characters of the moment.

Glare is an independent biannual fashion magazine entirely made in the USA. Launched in 2017 based in New York, brought to life by the effort of an international team of creatives who come together to offer an always new and insightful point of view. The aim is to tell the fascinating and ever-evolving story of today’s contemporary fashion, art, and photography. The wish is to always create an issue worth collecting.

Grayson Hoffman Photography

Glare offers tailored solutions, special formats, custom inserts, and exclusive sponsorships for sections. Custom Units, Booklets, Fold Outs, Gate-folds, Franchise Section Ownership, and Native Ad Units. Glare events attract the design industry’s most powerful and influential executives, tastemakers, and creatives. Glare hosts a variety of design, fashion, photography, and art events throughout the year.