Sacai’s Iconic Silhouettes Are Adorned In Kaws Artworks, True To Their Original Palette For Its Winter 2021 Collection

Sacai has partnered with @kaws for its Fall/Winter 2021 collection. The collaboration marks the long-held mutual admiration and friendship between founder and designer Chitose Abe and artist KAWS. The Fall/Winter 2021 collection marks the fashion house’s deep respect for creativity that originates from the streets, focusing on ideas outside of the box, rejecting preconceived notions and self-imposed rules. Throughout the pieces, fans can see Abe embrace the freedom to explore the transition from punk to hip-hop and counter culture codes in Sacai style, this season. The designer finds the common language between two seemingly disparate and opposing street culture worlds, bringing together the world of KAWS to create “wearable art”.

Sacai’s iconic silhouettes are adorned in KAWS artworks, true to their original palette and form, adding an exciting burst of color to any occasion. The collaboration was first inspired by the meeting of the minds between Piet Mondrian and Yves Saint Laurent.

The series includes simplified shapes while also amplifying the house’s signature oversized silhouettes and contrasting hybrid apparel structures. The collaboration calls for a dialed-up visual imbalance, bringing forward a fresh perspective throughout the collection. 

Accessories including the elegant and classic silk foulard become an important ingredient in the mix, melding well with the staple jackets and coats. 

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