Kris Van Assche Adapts To The Challenges Of Our Moment In Time In A Long-Distance Collaboration With B. Rochefort

Berluti Men's Spring 2021

Artistic Director Kris Van Assche adapts to the challenges of our moment. In a long-distance collaboration with the ceramic artist Brian Rochefort, the first creative collaboration on ready-to-wear for #Berluti. Here shown as a preview, the collection will be fully unveiled and launched in stores in January 2021.

For many, lockdown proved a time of innovative communication, with many keeping in touch via webcam chats and distanced shouting. For Kris Van Assche, his contacts book is a bit more refined than most, and this time of isolation saw him touch base with American ceramic artist Brian Rochefort, culminating in Berluti’s the designer’s first collaboration at the helm of the 125-year-old house.

Courtesy of Berluti

Sharing ideas, creative processes, and a joyful optimism, the designer and artist found common ground in their love of vibrant technicolor and artisanal craftsmanship. Renowned for his technicolor eruptions inspired by volatile volcanoes, Rochefort’s ceramic vessels evoke a sense of dense movement and unpredictability. For Van Assche – a ceramics collector himself who owns one of Rochefort’s works – these gloopy, bubbling artworks offered a new creative angle for him to direct his Berluti vision

Within the collection, the artist’s color-saturated patterns translated across silk shirts and textured knits – caught in an imperfectly stunning state of an explosion – while rich patina motifs transformed the brand’s iconic footwear silhouettes, evoking the unpredictable glazing that defines Rochefort’s work. For a designer known for his precise lines and structured approach, this seasonless collection proved that there’s beauty in embracing a bit of chaos.

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