Backstage At Bed J.W. Ford Contrasted Neons With Neutrals In The Fall 2020 Collection During Paris Fashion Week Men’s

The 2020-21 Fall / Winter collection announced in Paris by the men’s brand “BED jw FORD” by designer Shinpei Yamagishi. A guerrilla-like show was held at the runway venue of “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO”. The BED j.w. FORD Fall Winter 2020 collection fused neon boldness into an otherwise neutral line at the Paris Fashion Week Men’s show. Between a burnt orange double-breasted blazer and a vibrant light green belted jacket, BED j.w. FORD used the contrasting color scheme brilliantly as the pieces complemented one another.

Dotted with subtle fur hoods and plaid prints, the collection was utterly contemporary, reminding us why the brand and Adidas have an ongoing collaboration. Accessories were kept to a tasteful minimum, featuring small silver chains and hoop earrings or round top hats with a satin band in black or gray.

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