Daniel Johnston Using His Artwork To Create A Six-Piece Collection With Oamc, Which Features Bomber Jacket In Nylon Gabardine


The collection features a padded coach jacket and bomber jacket in nylon gabardine, a reworked vintage U.S. military surplus M-65 liner, sweatshirts in Italian cotton fleece, and a short-sleeved t-shirt. Spotlighting the range is Johnston’s iconic character Jeremiah the Innocent, featured on the sweater, liner, hoodie, and T-shirt. The words “Hi, How Are You?” are shown above the quirky illustration, and to reflect the original sketch, each piece shows a monochromatic graphic of it — the liner sports a special resin-coated texture that’s been placed directly over the quilted nylon, while the T-shirt comes with a screen-printed graphic.

Courtesy of OAMC

Besides this illustration, the white coach jacket showcases other sketches from Johnston’s notebook, like a turtle and a man smoking. Lastly, the nylon jacket with a black patch label on the upper left chest rounds off the concise assemblage.

Courtesy of OAMC

The main artworks used for the collection are Johnston’s ‘Jeremiah the Innocent’ and ‘Hi, How Are You?’ Resin-coated patches are featured using the other artworks featured from Johnston’s notebook. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to the Hi, How Are You project, a non-profit specializing in inspiring new conversations around mental health issues by funding and creating media content, projects, and events.