According To Alessandro Michele, The Mask Represents Showing And Hiding Who We Are, A Means To Protect The Kindness And Beauty

In a set of images and videos shot in Rome by Richie Davis, performer Silvia Calderoni and Playgirls from Caracas, djs Annalisa Macagnino and Gilvia wear the online-exclusive of T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring the spiked or colored masks seen in the Fall Winter 2019 fashion show. According to Alessandro Michele, the mask represents showing and hiding who we are, a means to protect the kindness and beauty inside. The Creative Director’s idea is shared by the Italian artists photographed in the Gucci Manifesto pieces.

“Wearing a mask involves a certain sense of protection… it allows us to show ourselves in complete freedom and in some way invites us to go further,” said Playgirls from Caracas, djs Annalisa Macagnino and Gilvia.

“The mask is a prosthesis of a face that refrains from showing itself, allowing freedom for a moment from the dictatorship of the face. You can breathe and show everything underneath,” Silvia Calderoni.

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