In An Exclusive Glare Interview, Model And Creative, Jordun Love Details Navigating The Industry, And His Love For Dance

Runway and fashion model Jordun Love who turned heads with his luscious, long hair on the Givenchy runway. He has been featured in publications such as Nylon Magazine, W Magazine Vogue, VMan and Exit Magazine. Jordun got his start dancing in Philadelphia. He travelled to shows at such venues as Disney World and performed at a Philadelphia 76ers game. He attended the Creative and Performing Arts High School of Philadelphia.

Who is Jordun Love in 5 words?
Someone living on valued energy …

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
I would be lying if I didn’t say the first thing I did in the morning was check my phone. But directly afterward, I meditate for about 10-30 mins !!!

If our industry didn’t exist, what would you do for a living?
If our industry didn’t exist I would be a psychologist. I’ve always been interested in helping children with their mental health.

On your love for dance and the arts. How did it all begin?
Dancing began for me at the age of 9 years old. It became my first love and passion for the arts. Performing gives me so much happiness & joy!

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?
I feel the most adrenaline when I am in the act of doing something new or for the first time. Doing the photoshoot via Zoom made me a bit anxious since it was different, but it was easier than I thought…

How do you see yourself progress in the modeling field?
As a model, I have many goals that’ll expand my title beyond just modeling. My ultimate goal is to become a business Mogul that will be able to provide inspiration & opportunities for many others.

You’ve just learned they’re making a movie about your life, and you control the casting. Who should play you?
If I could cast anyone to play me in a movie, it would definitely have to be Jharrel Jerome.

What fashion trend should we bring back?
One fashion trend we should bring back is oversized tracksuits from the 2000s. Honestly speaking, I wear oversized sweats almost every day now and would like to rock a sweatsuit.

What is one change you’ve experienced in the last 02 years?
The biggest change I have experienced within the last 2 years is the growth of self-assurance and becoming more solid in my beliefs of self.

If you could tell your former self one thing what would it be?
I would tell my former self to keep going, things get better.

Captured by Benjo Arwas Seen Artists Creative Director: Andre’ Adkins.