Gabriel Agbolo Kwami Efoe Known As Ottawa Kwami Is One Of The Biggest Ghanaian Models Working Around The Globe

The Ghanaian model Gabriel Agbolo Kwami Efoe known as Ottawa Kwami was born on 25th March 2000, based in Accra, imploded onto the fashion scene as a semi-exclusive for Virgil’s Louis Vuitton, before going on to make bigger waves with some stellar editorials throughout the year. However, 2020 feels like his moment has finally arrived: bookings at Marni, Acne Studios, and Fendi. Furthermore, Jil Sander’s go-to casting director, Henry Thomas, selected him to close their show. Ottawa is now the biggest Ghanaian based model working around the globe!

Who is Ottawa Kwami in 5 words…
Passionate, Energetic, Curious, Loving, and also a maniac sometimes haha.

What is your source of inspiration?
I’m inspired by a whole lot of stuff around me because I’m very curious but most of my inspiration is from nature and old cultures like (the 80s and late 90s way of life).

What is your most treasured memory?
I will say the first time I had to fly to Europe and seeing my whole family at the airport to support and encourage me. Feeling so much love and support was one of the best days of my life.

What’s your favorite past-time?
Each day I do my usual home workouts and try my best to create content with whatever I find amazing around me. I also like to write and design.

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?
When my agent called me to inform me that I was confirmed exclusively for LV, it was also Virgil Abloh’s first collection with the renowned house. I was speechless!!

What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?
When I chose to begin this path, lots of people didn’t believe in me and kept discouraging me and this actually made me go harder. My ultimate goal is to create a great and stable life out of modeling. I want young models and also parents from where I am from to know modeling is just like every other occupation and they can trust and believe that they can become great and make something out of it.

What is an issue or cause you are passionate about?
While growing up, I had both parents to support and guide me through everything which has really helped and shaped me pretty well into who I am today. I see lots of kids who don’t have this chance and most of them have great potential and skills. I just want to support them and help them bring out what they’ve got in them.

Who or what has been your major influence?
My biggest influence has been my parents, their business, and culture. I grew up in a home where my mom deals in all sorts of African prints and also a bit of western style. I was literally born into fashion.

What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced in the last 02 years?
A whole lot has changed especially my fashion sense and beliefs about a lot of life issues.

If you could tell your former self one thing right now what would it be?
Never be intimidated about what others think about you, love yourself, and follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to Dream Big !!

Captured by Benjo Arwas Seen Artists Creative Director: Andre’ Adkins.