Virgil’s Utopian Ideal Suggests Desire To Manifest Paradise On Earth For Louis Vuitton’s Winter 2020 Collection

The utopian ideal of “Heaven on Earth” inspires this season’s collection and campaign, drawing connections between the two worlds through the use of clouds and distorted camera trickery to create a surrealist aesthetic. Clouds further channel Abloh’s vision of reimaging boyhood, alluding to the freedom of youth. Continuing his ongoing exploration of boyhood – “seeing the world through the unspoiled eyes of a child” – Abloh sees this dream-like paradise as a symbol of freedom and unity; where heavenly bodies are able to float between borders and beliefs freely.

As a result, the campaign captures models such as the British actor Michael Ward and Ghanaian model Ottawa Kwami wearing Louis Vuitton’s new-season pieces in a beautiful, yet dystopian world. Tailoring, signature accessories such as the box bag, and even some shoes are either covered or sport a cloud print, blending into the world behind the products. Elsewhere, Louis Vuitton provides a bold contrast with hot pink suits, dramatic cut out tailored coats, and formal double-breasted suit jackets

The campaign falls in tangent with Abloh’s Black Imagination philosophy; uplifting black creatives from all fields as much as possible through his current platform at the esteemed heritage house. When is our turn to venture into this peaceful land free of prejudice? Take us to the clouds above. Shop the seasonal collection at Louis Vuitton stores and on its website in the coming weeks.

Tim Walker. Virgil Abloh: Christine Centenera Cyndia Harvey. Lucy Bridge: Samuel EllisScheinman: Abolaji Oshun: Ottawa Kwami: Senne Pluym

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